Personal Security

With a little kidnap security you can prevent yourself from becoming a hostage. Being taken hostage is a major fear for some people. For those that travel a lot, developing some sort of kidnap security can be one that makes some sense, especially as tourists are seen as someone either with money or attached to money, making even the poorest tourist a potential hostage for those looking for easy hostages. There are some steps ones can take in order to avoid becoming a hostage, and it is usually just a matter of avoiding risky areas and keeping to areas that are already established as tourist safe However, there are some basic tips anyone can follow to lower the odds of being kidnapped.

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Situational awareness is probably one of the biggest senses that a tourist needs to develop as part of kidnap security. At the lowest level this means that it pays to know the flow of the crowd, making it easier to determine if someone is following you. If someone is following you, basic evasion is an option that should be taken. This is also means that you can determine when there are a number of people around you, or any other situation that may lead to your capture, be it in a street crowd or inside of a business. 

This situational awareness should keep an eye out for subtle as well as obvious hints as to what is going on. You should mentally keep track of any weapons in the area and who has them. You should also track volume levels when things around you get quiet it may be the silence preceding an attack of some sort. Try to look for people that are hiding in the crowd but trying to stay hidden it can be as obvious as people that are dressed differently to something as subtle as a few people wearing something newer or of a different brand as the others.

You should also avoid taking food or drink from anyone you do not know. Unless you have seen the food prepared or that others are eating those same foods, you should avoid proferred foods. It s not uncommon for kidnappers to drug their targets, and food and drink are the easiest way to do so not only does food and drink usually fly below the radar but they are also an easy way to get the drugs into the body of the intended target. As such, it pays to keep an eye on the origins of anything that goes into your body.

A little paranoia is a good thing, and some preparation is better than too much. Carrying a loud whistle is always a good thing kidnappers hate anything that draws attention to them. Non-lethal weapons can also be good, but keep in mind that they need to not only be readily available, but some training in their use will prevent it from being used against you. Some self-defence training is always a good thing, and always be ready to run. Keep an eye out for police you can run to in case of emergency, or even places that you can hang out in if you need to let someone pass you by. With a little kidnap security you can prevent yourself from becoming a hostage.